Video and soundtrack: how to cut them on beat

To make an effective movie with video and music, you need good shots (as if you didn’t know), but also a small trick can help: transitioning between shots on beat, together with the music. It might sound hard, but actually cutting at the right time is very easy.

Video and soundtrack: how to cut them on beat

1. Know the song

Knowing the song that we will use for our movie is essential. On MondayReplay, for example, we can choose among 5 different songs. Personally, I love this one:

2. Listen to the music

Try to listen to it. It starts smooth, then, after about 15 seconds, the rhythm begins. Finally, after 30 seconds, the “exciting” part arrives. Below is a very rough graphical analysis, made listening to the song and keeping track of the moments it changes the most.

video e musica

3.  Cut highlights of the right length

Since rhythm stays the same for the whole song, we know that with HighLights of 30, 15 or 7.5 seconds, we will be able, roughly, to change on beat, together with the music.

Here is a sequence of highlights that could work well:

video e musica

As you can see, we have maintained the changes of highlights passing from one moment of the song to another. Whereas, during similar moments, we can use more highlights or only one, long as the whole moment.




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