The most important feature of GoPro Hero 5

We’re still waiting for it, however the news about the new GoPro Hero 5 continue to leak.  We know GoPro is aiming to its next product to rise again after the last years of decline. The competitors are several and able, and the hope for GoPro lays in the new action cam and the Karma Drone.

Not a secret that GoPro is having not such great times as it had before, either regarding direct sell and its title in the Stock Market. This is why there are great expectations for the new GoPro Hero 5, from GoPro itself as well as from the users.  Everyone’s been waiting for the Hero 5 for long time and the delay seems to depend on the great scrupulousness technicians are having before the official launch.

Meanwhile we can count on rumours and security leaks to get some infos about it. The most imporant feature Hero 5 should have is the integrated GPS system.  A very requested feature that many users’ve been asking for for a while would be finally available on the new GoPro. Users will have very useful information about position and statistics along with their videos.  And the upload of sessions with Gps on MondayReplay will be even easier!

Integrated GPS will be of course the most important innovation on the new Hero 5, but not the only one.  Along with it we’ll probably find a more simple and intuitive touch screen, a support for the GoPro remote, and a mysterious tool called GoPro Sniper with people still wondering what it might be.

With such a hardened competitions, GoPro will try again to rock the market with new and innovative features as is expected from the leader of the sector, and our expectations can’t stop to grow.


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