GoPro sponsors MTB world for a $ 25k prize

GoPro and MTB together with PinkBike

GoPro and MTB are a great couple together.  This is why, for the third time this year, the bike related website and GoPro have arranged a contest for bikers to win a $ 25.000 prize.

Applicants must submit their videos on and a jury will select 10 videos per month. The final verdict to decide the top three will be delegated to GoPro and PinkBike followers.

To try and get the final prize of the Best Line Contest III, applicants must pay attention and care of multiple features in their videos, as style, perspective, the overall performance, the difficulty of the shooting…as these and others will be the criteria the jury will consider to elect the top 10 every month.

This is a successful contest format either for and GoPro, considering that this is already the third time in a year this has been arranged. As PinkBike CEO Karl Burkat said: “We are proud to collaborate with GoPro because they’ve always been supporting mountain bike world.”

And to promote the contest, and GoPro made a video that scored 2.5 million views just in the first week.

NOTE: We can’t afford to promote thousand dollars contests, however we often have active contests. Remember to check on or control on the main menu of our blog.  The prize may not be the same but it’s much easier to win!

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