GoPro, Karma Drone is (almost) here

GoPro has finally announced the definitive date for the launch of its Karma Drone.  In fact, a new video has appeared on the website presenting the day of the launch: 19th of September.

There are actually leaks about the price of the definitive pack of the drone plus the action camera, around 2000 euros.  Trying to remove the price of the additional tools, the Karma Drone alone should cost around a thousand euros.

The presentation video of the Karma Drone doesn’t show anything at all, except two Wolkswagen little vans.  So we need to go back in time to another video released on the GoPro youtube channel to get some further information. It is a video starring Bobby Brown who throw in the air a (supposed) Karma Drone before jumping for a 360° trick on his ski.

On a little frame in the video it looks like we can almost sea the silhouette of the Karma and on the web someone could notice some of its features, as a compact quadcopter with a limited size.  Anyway we have just to wai few days to throw away any single doubt on the Karma drone appearance.

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