Creating a GoPro movie in 5 minutes

How to make a GoPro video in 5 minutes? It’s so gratifying to create a movie about your sport adventures just immediately after the trip. Unfortunately, after my performance (I go windsurfing) I’m jaded, I still have to gather the equipment and I don’t feel like editing videos. But my friends are already asking for it. And you know, sharing a video after a month is not the same thing: it has less energy…

Does this ring a bell? Here is the solution I have found.

How to create a GoPro movie in 5 minutes

1. Upload all videos online

Usually, I record my adventures and my friends’ as well. As soon as I’m back home, they start asking via Whatsapp when the video will be available. So I create a shared folder on MondayReplay, invite my friends and upload all materials during the night, without any editing (via Dropbox o via MondayReplay app).

So the next day my friends can see the videos about them. And they can cut the frames they are interested in directly on the MondayReplay app or download the videos.

2. Cut videos

When, during the day, I have some free time, I take a look at the videos with my smartphone. If there are some good shots, I make a highlight immediately. For windsurf, if I have recorded and uploaded the GPX track, there are robots that cut automatically the frames with more speed and the best jibes.

Usually, I cut frames of at most 28 seconds or shorter (14, 7 seconds) because, analyzing the song that I will use as soundtrack, I know the cuts will work well (to examine it in depth you can read: Video and soundtrack: how to cut them on beat).

3. Make a good movie

Once I have the highlights (which can have different speeds, as slow motion, fast-forward, …), I select those I like best, so to find them in the editor. Then it’s quite simple: I already know which song I will use as soundtrack, so I know which highlights to use in order to have the transition from one highlight to another in time.

If you want to see the results, here are some example movies:

Making a GoPro movie: spent time

  • usually it takes me about a night to upload the videos (but I spend no more than one minute to copy the files on Dropbox, then Dropbox synchronizes everything on MondayReplay);
  • to make the highlights, it takes me 6 breaks of 10 minutes each;
  • finally, to make the movie usually 10 minutes more.

Anyway, since I use MondayReplay, within maximum 2 days I’m able to share a movie, which would have otherwise remained in my hard disk forever!


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