DAJLA windsurfing spot (Umag – Croatia)

Dajla spot? It’s one of our favorite spots for windsurfing in autumn and winter!

Dajla wind

It works well with south winds. Libeccio (SW) is the best one, Ostro (S) is good while Scirocco (SE) sometimes doesn’t work so well.

With the right winds (20-30 knots), the spot offers also waves (1-2 meters), very rare in this region: those days are full of windsurfers from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Sometimes you can also see some PWA athletes there.

The wind is usually stronger far away from the beach.

You can check the Croatian weather forecast here: http://prognoza.hr/karte.php?id=dada&param=ik&it=03 (Dajila is on the left, between Uma and Por).

Dajla waves

Long waves (2-3 meters) are available far out from the beach, while some curls (1-2 m) are available only near the beach.

The beach has rocks and rock plateau, the water is usually not clear (you cannot see rocks in 20cm of water). So keep in mind that, if you surf near the beach you are in few centimeters of water. Rocks plateau has also some holes.



Dajla access to the spot

Dajla town is very easy to reach by car/van, and so is the spot. Often with right conditions, the weather is rainy: pay attention to the mud! Once we were stuck with our van in the mud and we had to ask for help to all available windsurfers to be able to leave..

Here is the point to reach by car on Google Maps: https://www.google.it/maps/@45.350676,13.5398,19z

Here a session with GPS, you can see where we started:


Water access to Dajla spot

Water access is fairly easy and safe. Usually windsurfers start from the north – west point, especially when wind is strong and comes from S or SW, because it offers an area with some protection (here is the access on Google Maps: https://www.google.it/maps/@45.3524818,13.5381692,19z).

There is a wide flat area of stone underwater to walk out of the beach. Unfortunately right there the current can be very strong. If you find yourself too much downwind, it is better to get in the bay (where there is no wind and no current) and swim, or to swim slowly to the open sea, out of the stream, then start and do some tacks upwind far from the beach. Don’t try to swim upcurrent, because you will loose all your energies in a few minutes.

With scirocco wind (SE), you can start from the main beach (made of stones), because the peninsula protects it from the waves. See here: http://www.mondayreplay.com/highlights/56dd564d430000ab6189d4dc

Please if you go share you experience! Just tag your session, movie or highlight with #dajla tag on MondayReplay, so more people can see different condition. Enjoy windsurfing!


Dajla spot videos

Session 4.7 overpower





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