BMW and GoPro together, a new way of driving

GoPro and BMW started a partnership that many drivers may find interesting.

Let’s start from the beginning.  The full optional BMW cars have a software called iDrive Professional that can interact with the app M Laptimer, available for iOS 7, that allows to measure and register different driving stats:  the bend corner, speed, time on the track, the pressure on the pedal and other technical metrics.  Of course, you can than share everything online and let everybody know your records.

Lately, BMW has improved and upgraded its app thanks to the partnership with GoPro.  Mounting a GoPro with wifi outside the vehicle will allow to watch live on the smartphone or on the onboard monitor the footages of the ride.  Driver can also pause or stop the recording and switch off the GoPro from inside the cabin.

So the required features to experience this new way of driving are few but necessary: having an iDrive system on the car (BMWs since 2011 and Mini since 2010), an iPhone 4 or above with at least iOS 7, and a GoPro with the wifi.

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