The 4 finalists of MondayReplay contest

The Drone Hubsan X4 H107D contest has ended just few days ago, the winners await for the verdict of the jury.

Meanwhile we can relish the top 4 participants who reached the highest number of views on MondayReplay with their videos, waiting for the jury that will pick up the winner among the finalists.

Just for a little refresh, the contest allows to win a drone Hubsan X4 H107D. The applicants had to upload one of their sport videos and create the highlights on MondayReplay, trying to get the most number of views by sharing on social network.

So here are the finalists and their videos. You can vote your favorite with a comment as well.



Fgk.frz – Pin and swim along the tough Balmuccia rapid in Italy – Watch it


Matteo Mazzucchelli – Skafo + Norway = Skarway!!! – Watch It


Marco – Jumping in Fuerte – Watch It


Ale Conca – Waka Tuna 2.0 testing – Watch It

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